• iOS 10 Mobile Deposit Disruption.  We are aware of an incompatibility with the recent iOS update and our mobile app.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are working to provide an app update as soon as possible
  • Lottery Scam.  We have had several members receive fraudulent checks in the mail from organizations claiming they have won the lottery.  Please use extreme caution any time you receive a check you were not already expecting.  Click here to read more from the BBB.
  • Traveling Out of State? Be sure to notify us at to prevent any disruption with your debit card.  Note, if you forget to notify us, your PIN number will still provide cash access in the case of an emergency.

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Loan Rates
Savings Rates
Auto                 As low as 2.79% APR
Fixed Home Equity     
As Low as 5.25% APR
Personal / Signature As low as 6.99% APR
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Savings >$2,500                       .13% APY
Money Mkt >$25,000    
.30% APY
1 Year CD .50% APY
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