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I always thought debt consolidation was a bad thing.

Consolidating debt makes managing your money simpler - but it's only better if the payment terms are better, too! Let's look at your specific situation.

Blanca Saavedra 
You can't be broke if you never look at your bank account.

I hear you! But you might like looking once you set some goals and realize you can crush them.

Hector Ochoa NorthStar Credit Union FSR Hector Ochoa
When people ask me how I budget I say 'I don't.'

Give it a little time and your new answer could be, "Here, I'll teach you.

Sunny Patel NorthStar Credit Union FSR Sunny Patel

Of course you feel bad—this is uncharted territory.

Not your parents'

Housing, food, and transport costs have been increasing for years. Salaries have not. Add student loans and other debt into the mix, and budgeting advice from 30 years ago begins to look a little starry-eyed. You need a real plan for your real life.

Not your parents'

You weren’t taught enough about finances. There was just that day in high school when they showed you how to balance a checkbook—on paper. But what you need today are financial habits you can actually use, so tomorrow looks a little brighter.

A five-year plan can help you chart a course.

Living only for retirement is disheartening; living only for today is limiting. It’s time to meet your Five-Year Future.

Personal. Practical.
And judgement-free.

Spend an hour with NorthStar. Share concerns. Ask questions. We’ll help you name your own five-year goals and write a plan to meet them. But we’ll listen first.

For people,
not for profit.

NorthStar is a credit union, not a bank. Our only mission is our members. Find out what it’s like to get advice from someone who knows money and genuinely has your best interest in mind.

Take one hour and plan your Five-Year Future.

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