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Got Your Gear?

Star Rewards

Membership + Loyalty = Rewards


Our rewards program is simple: You choose your rewards level by how many products and services you have with us. The more services you have with us, the more points you will earn and the more benefits you will receive! As your relationship with us grows, your benefits grow, and so does the entire credit union.

Each month your current level of benefits will automatically be calculated and adjusted, and printed on your account statement. You do not need to sign up or do anything to receive your rewards. The rewards will automatically be available!

Bonus Rewards

Star Rewards members will also accumulate points each month that can be redeemed at our main office for the following item(s) of your choice*:

Reward Point Redemption Amount
NSCU Recycled Tote 2,000
NSCU Acrylic Tumbler 4,000
NSCU Commuter Mug 5,000
NSCU Tablet Case (8" X 5") 8,000
NSCU "I Love My CU" T-Shirt Limited Sizes/Qty Remaining 10,000
NSCU 12-Pack Cooler Tote 12,000
NSCU Stadium Blanket 14,000
Box of Basic NSCU Checks 16,000
NSCU Golf Umbrella 18,000
NSCU Fee Waiver (max $30) 22,000
NSCU Polo Shirt Limited Sizes/Qty Remaining 25,000
NSCU Mini Grill   32,000
Personal Gift Catalog 
*Reward points automatically expire after 36 months. Reward items are subject to availability and are for local pick-up only. Any shipping will be at the account holder's expense.

Standard Benefits
Available with each Tier Level  
Your tier level will be recalculated with month-end statement processing each month.
Basic 000-199 Points Choice 200-399 Points Advantage 400-599 Points Premier 600+ Points
Unlimited Foreign ATM Withdrawals or Transfers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Debit Card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Mobile Deposit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free It's Me 24/7 Online Banking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free E-Statements Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free EasyPay Online Bill Pay Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free CU*Talk Telephone Banking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Notary Services Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Free Savings Bond Redemption Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Debit Card PIN Replacement     Yes Yes
Free A2A Incoming and Outgoing     Yes Yes
Free Cashier's Check (1/Mo.)     Yes Yes
Free Corporate Checks     Yes Yes
Free Check Withdrawals By Phone     Yes Yes
Free Telephone Transfers (3/Mo)     Yes Yes
Free Text/Mobile Banking       Yes
Free Check Copies       Yes
Free Cashier's Checks (3/Mo.)       Yes
Free Money Orders (3/Mo.)       Yes
Free CU Money Gift Cards (2/Mo.)       Yes
Free Paper Statements       Yes
Free CU Money General Purpose Cards (2/Mo.)       Yes
Free CU Money Travel Cards (3/Mo.)       Yes

See our fee schedule for a complete list of applicable fees.

Overall household relationship determines your rewards level each month.  Points readjust each month; therefore, your benefit level may change from month to month.  Points are non-transferable for the purpose of tier level benefits.

How To Earn Points with Star Rewards:

Basically, the more services you take advantage of, the more points you earn and then the more REWARDS you'll receive!

Rewards point values subject to change at any time without notice. 

It's easy to reach Premier level status!

You pick and choose what services mean the most to you to reach 600+ points.  Here's an example of how easy it is to qualify:
Action Points Earned
Checking Account 25
Debit Card/PIN or ATM-Based Activity 50
Debit Card/Signature-Based Activty 50
Active Audio Response (CU*Talk) 25
Active Home Banking (It's Me 24/7) 50
E-Statements - Enrolled 50
Bill Payment- Enrolled 25
ACH Deposit (Direct or Mobile) >$500/Mo. 150
Auto Loan Balance of $10,000-$49,999 150
Loan Payments via Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) 25
 TOTAL  600

Account Points

Action Points Earned
Personal or Business Checking 25
Every Year of Membership (After 5 Years) 5
Each Sub Account 25
Certificate of Deposit 75
IRA Share or IRA Certificate of Deposit 50
Aggregate Balance of $500-$3,999 25
Aggregate Balance From $4,000-$9,999 75
Aggregate Balance From $10,000-$99,999 150
Aggregate Balance From $100,000+ 250
Any Negative Savings Product -100

Loan Points

Action Points Earned
Mortgage Loan 75
Home Equity Loan 75
All Other Loans 10
Loan Balance Up To $2,499 50
Loan Balance of $2,500-$9,999 75
Loan Balance of $10,000-$49,999 150
Loan Balance of $50,000-$99,999 200
Loan Balance of $100,000+ 300
Any Delinquent Loan 30 Days or More -200

Other Products & Services Points

Action Points Earned
Debit/Signature-Based Activity 50
Active Audio Response (CU*Talk) 25
Active Home Banking (It's Me 24/7) 50
E-Statements - Enrolled 50
Bill Payment- Enrolled 25
ACH Deposit >$500/Mo. 150
Transfers via AFT 25
Loan Payments via AFT 25