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Loan Rates

Current rates subject to change without notice. 
Call us for the latest rates. Rates are based on your credit score.

Auto Loan Rates

Model Year Up to 24 Months  Up to 36 Months Up to 48 Months Up to 63 Months Up to 75 Months  Up to 84 Months
2017-2021  As low as 1.49% APR As low as 1.99% APR As low as 2.99% APR As low as 3.49% APR As low as 3.79% APR  As low as 4.49% APR
2014-2016  As low as 1.99% APR  As low as 2.49% APR  As low as 3.49% APR  As low as 3.74% APR  As low as 3.99% APR  As low as 4.99% APR
2010-2013  As low as 2.49% APR As low as 2.99% APR As low as 3.79% APR As low as 3.99% APR As low as 4.24% APR  As low as 5.49% APR

100% Financing is available on all auto loans
. Terms up to 75 months. Warranties, Gap Insurance and Credit Insurance available.   

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. 

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RV Loan Rates

Model Year Up to 84 Months Up to 96 Months Up to 120 Months
2017 or Newer As low as 5.49% APR As low as 5.74% APR As low as 6.24% APR
 2012-2016  As low as 5.99% APR  As low as 6.24% APR  As low as 6.74% APR
2009 - 2011 As low as 7.24% APR N/A N/A

APR= Annual Percentage Rate.

Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

Ask about our new rate discounts for lower LTVs!

Term Loan to Value % (LTV) Fixed Rate Second Mortgage Loan to Value % (LTV) Variable Rate Home Equity Lines of Credit
5 Years 85% As low as 4.75% - -
7 Years
85% As low as 5.00% - -
10 Years 85% As low as 5.50% - -
15 Years 85% As low as 5.95% 85% As low as Prime -1.50%
(5.00% Floor) 

Wall Street Journal Prime Rate is 3.25% as of March 15, 2020. 

Second Mortgages are a one time payout of all loan proceeds.  No closing costs or prepayment penalties for $25,000 or more. Products in first lien position may have additional costs and or restrictions that apply.

Lines of Credit allow you to borrow as you need up to the credit line. No Closing costs or prepayment penalties for line in second lien position with an initial advance of $25,000 or more. $35 annual fee. All lines of credit allow up to a 15 year re-payment term and maturity, on disbursements completed during the 10 year draw period.  

Please contact a member of our team for additional details.

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Personal Loans and VISA Credit Card Rates
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Product Details Annual Percentage Rate
Personal / Signature Loans Fixed Rate 36 month special as low as 6.99% OR  As low as 7.99% for up to 60 months
Lifestyle Line of Credit
Variable Rate - Tied to Prime adjusts Quarterly As low as 6.25%
Overdraft Protection Loan
Monthly Payments as low as $20 15.00% Fixed Rate
Mileage, Reward and Student Cards More info on our Visa Cards
Share Secured Loans Loans to be secured by CD online - Loan term must match term of CD CD Rate + 2%


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