Minor Accounts

It is never too early to teach children about the importance of saving and managing money.   

For now it's toy cars, imaginary friends, playing school and caring for a pretend house.  But someday, they will be ready to turn their dreams into reality...

Kirby Kangaroo® youth savings club can give them the financial knowledge they need to get there with:

  • An trendy newsletter for parents of Lil’ Kirby Roo members (ages 0-4)
  • A super cool newsletter for Kirby Kangaroo kids (ages 5-12)
  • Fun, interactive programs and events
  • Insight into how a credit union works
  • Rewards for saving
  • Lessons about money

Opening a minor savings account can help children appreciate the value of money and establish smart habits. NorthStar offers custodial savings account for children of all ages as well as Uniform Transfer to Minor Act (UTMA).    As a custodian, you control the flow of money in and out of the account and help guide the minor to make sound decisions until they reach 18 years of age or 21 for UTMA. 

For more information regarding Illinois UTMA guidelines, please click here.

Is your child ready to take a more active role in his/her finances?  

Claim Your Youth® is a great teen savings club for kids age - 13 to 18 years old! Our Claim Your Youth® program (f.k.a. CU Succeed ®) features:

  • An informative and entertaining quarterly newsletter
  • A super-cool interactive Web site to help teens learn about money and credit.
  • Information on choosing a college to attend
  • Ways to get help paying for your education
  • Tips to finding a great job
  • Tools to help plan for your career
  • And links to other great Web sites just for teens!

We offer joint savings and checking accounts for minors so long as a parent/guardian is one of the joint owners.  Joints savings accounts can be established as young as 14 and joint checking as young as 16.

For college planning or to help you determine the best savings plan for your family, we have a specialist on hand for all of our members. Talk with Bill today!